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Until very recently, repairing a central air conditioning or HVAC system was a mysterious process for most homeowners. Diagnosing the problem was tricky, but even if you could get a professional diagnosis, figuring out how to fix the problem was a challenge. It left homeowners dependent on HVAC professionals for repairs, and those professionals often had their preferred parts suppliers, which could mean that it would take days or even weeks to get a faulty central air conditioning system repaired. That might be tolerable in April or early May, but by the time summer comes around, not having central air conditioning in Middlesex County is not just uncomfortable but can even be a health hazard for some people.
Fortunately, in this day of YouTube tutorials, it is becoming easier and easier for a competent home handyman to diagnosis and fix problems with a central air conditioning system. By following a few simple steps, you can diagnose some of the most common problems, many of which have relatively easy fixes if you can find the parts.However, finding the parts can be a real challenge. Many appliance parts stores will only sell HVAC parts to certified HVAC technicians. What this means for homeowners is that a relatively minor repair can end up costing hundreds of dollars, even if the part is relatively inexpensive and the fix is relatively easy. This is the exact reason why you should contact Appliance Parts America if you’re ever having troubles finding Central Air Conditioner Parts.At Appliance Parts America, we stock central air conditioner parts for popular brands like Trane, Lennox, Carrier, as well as lesser known brands. We have a number of commonly needed replacement parts in-stock, including capacitors, control boards, compressors, transformers, relays, and timers. If you need a part that we don’t have in-stock, we are happy to locate it and order it for you.

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