Do It Yourself Appliance Parts Tips

The first step in fixing your appliance yourself is determining the make of your appliance. The manufacturer or make of your appliance is probably prominently displayed on the surface of the appliance. There are several well-known manufacturers, such as: Whirlpool, Amana, KitchenAid, LG, Electrolux, Samsung, Frigidaire, Bosch, GE, Maytag, Hotpoint, Kenmore/Sears, White Westinghouse, Peerless-Premier, and American Range Corporation. However, these major manufacturers may also produce machines under house or brand names. For example, the wholesale warehouse Costco produces appliances under its Kirkland signature brand, which we carry parts for as well. Finding out the make of the appliance is the first step to fixing it.

The next step is determining the model of your appliance. Models can be more difficult to identify than makes. The model may be displayed on the surface of the appliance, but it might also be identified inside an interior door, near where one can find the serial number.

Once you have a make a model, the next step is to go to the internet and the manufacturer’s website.

You also need to identify the specific nature of your problem. For example, a refrigerator that is not working may have no power or it could have power and not be cooling. Examine the appliance. Does it appear to be getting power? Are there specific components that seem as if they are not working? Does it work in some settings and not in other settings? If you search for “broken refrigerator repair,” the search results will probably be too vague to help you. However, if you search for “ice maker is not producing ice, GE Profile side-by-side refrigerator” you will probably find results describing how to examine the problem.

Once you have identified the problem or narrowed down the range of possible problems, it is important to honestly assess whether you have the skills and tools necessary to repair the problem. If you do not, is the cost of acquiring those skills or tools likely to save you money on the repair, or in the long-run. Most tools used in appliance repair are basic tools and can be reused on additional projects.

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