In Monmouth County we often take our major appliances for granted. Our washing machine is always there for us and our families, keeping our linens and garments fresh. Only when something goes wrong do we notice what washing machine parts we need to buy in Monmouth County. If you want to know more about your washing machine and how to prevent problems, here is a handy guide to the main washing machine parts.

washing machine parts1. Power Supply. This is the most obvious part of the washing machine—the way it receives power so it can turn on and off and get the job done. Check your power cord for signs of wear.

2. Drain Hose. This is one of the most important washing machine parts, and one of the most straightforward. Your washing machine needs to drain the water it uses for washing your clothes. Check to see if your machine drains through a stand-alone, dedicated drain, or a drain connected to a nearby sink.

3. Water Supply Hose. Also a simple washing machine part, the water supply hose is where the washing machine gets the water from the main supply. Chances are, your water supply offers both hot and cold options.

4. Water Inlet Valve and Drain Pump. The Water inlet valve is a main washing machine part that controls the flow of water in the machine. The cycle you use for washing will determine the timing and pressure of the flow, which the valve can regulate. Similarly, the Drain Pump helps the washing machine evacuate all the water that has been used to clean your clothes

5. Drum and Agitator. The drum is where your clothes go, and the agitator is what makes the drum spin. These are among the most important washing machine parts.

6. Leveling Feet. Your washing machine may also have leveling feet to keep the entire device stable.

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